About us

Established in 2020 Credrails aims to jumpstart the growth of digitally-enabled companies in Africa by providing the financial infrastructure needed to serve customers across the continent.

Credrails aggregates financial data from multiple online and offline sources and makes the unified data available to businesses via an API.

Deep analytics provides businesses with the intelligence they need to make informed decisions, unlock new revenue streams, and increase market share. With extensive industry experience and knowledge of the African Fintech space, Credrails is uniquely positioned to power the pan-African digital revolution.


To be the infrastructure on which the next generation of billion
dollar companies are built.


To connect banks, mobile and offline data into a single API to
allow a variety of use cases to be built for the African continent.

Why Credrails?

Africa’s lending landscape is fragmented by nature. The industry is dominated by local players who can each provide only small pieces of the total financial puzzle. Consequently, lending institutions are making important decisions based on inaccurate and partial data, opening them up to poor decisions that carry financial risk.

Credrails minimizes this risk by automatically collecting consumer-permissioned financial data from multiple financial sources – including 200M bank accounts across the continent, mobile banking data, and other offline sources – to deliver a complete end-to-end financial picture of your customers.

Entire African continent in scope

Our data aggregation spans multiple
countries in Africa, ensuring that your
services are as comprehensive and scalable
as possible.

Think global — Act local

We understand Africa, as Africans and have
purpose-built the infrastructure to address
the emerging needs of the continent.

Partnered for success

We work directly with existing providers to
access the critical information needed to cross reference accounts, consolidate statements, and enhance data security.

Built by and for developers

Our API is available in a range of languages to make it seamless for developers to integrate.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Clara Odero
Fiona Maingi
Human Resource
Natu Lauchande
Teresia Kairu
James Wanderi
Head of Engineering
Emmanuel Fadare
Product Design Lead
Dennis Wambua
Software Engineering Lead
Paul Kagiri
Software Engineering Team lead
Jacquline Mbogo
Junior software engineer
Ernest Asena
Data Analyst
Sharon Owende
Product Manager
David Kironde
Senior Software Engineer
Leroy Kotìa
Head of DevOps